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Hope For Chronic Pelvic Pain Sufferers

posted May 5, 2016, 12:39 PM by Adam Lawrence Taylor   [ updated May 10, 2016, 12:31 PM ]
New research from The National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan demonstrates that acupuncture is an effective medicine for chronic pelvic pain (CPP) or prostate pain.  See the study here:

Researchers randomly assigned individuals suffering from CPP into three groups.  Control group sufferers were treated with conventional medicine; the second sham acupuncture and the final group received real acupuncture.

The difference between the sham and the real acupuncture group would gauge whether acupuncture is real and if positive results could be attributed to a placebo. 

The results demonstrated that acupuncture was the most effective treatment approach for these individuals.  The real acupuncture group had results significantly better than the sham or placebo group.

The author of the study went further by stating that acupuncture should be considered conventional treatment for people with chronic pelvic pain.

I have a close friend whose life was destroyed by this type of pain.   When someone sufferers from an all-consuming pain that cannot be seen on X-rays or MRIs and medical professionals suggest that the pain is imaginary. The situation seems hopeless. 

As the pain takes over, the sufferer is robbed of personality and abilities and relationships are jeopardized.

She tried acupuncture and was beginning to experience benefits.  However, enroute home following a treatment, her car was rear-ended.  Her pain magnified to what she describes as agony. 

She stopped going to treatments and vowed to stop driving to that part of the city again.  Eventually, she rarely drove anywhere and stayed in her house and only leaves for urgent necessities.

Onsite Therapy was created to help people like my friend.  It makes powerful medicine in the form of acupuncture therapy easily accessible and convenient. We come to you.  For most patients acupuncture is a relaxing experience.  You have nothing to fear except fear itself.

For those of you who suffer from CPP and are interested in acupuncture’s benefits but are scared of the needles, I urge you to contact Onsite Therapy today. 

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