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Is Spending Money on Therapy Wise

posted May 5, 2016, 12:18 PM by Adam Lawrence Taylor   [ updated May 10, 2016, 12:28 PM ]
I noticed a pattern with many of my former patients when I worked at a chiropractic clinic.  They came in with an ailment, maybe a bad back, or a stiff neck, usually work related.   Many had sedentary desk jobs, sitting all day doing small repetitive actions.  Job stress heightened the symptoms until the pain was unbearable.   So he or she walked into the clinic seeking relief. 

My patients came in for treatment once or twice a week for massage or chiropractic care.  After 4 to 6 weeks, patients saw significant reduction of their symptoms.  Notice I use the word symptoms.  Even though pain can disappear, the underlying causes may remain.

At this point I also found that many patients also disappeared!  This left me with a feeling of concern for the patient.  I hoped that they would continue good habits and seek a more active lifestyle.  Sadly, I just don’t think this was the case.  In some instances, insurance benefits will be spent if used heavily for 6 weeks of consecutive therapy.   Unfortunately it never seemed enough.

So the patient must decide whether to wait another year until the company’s benefits kick in again, or pay out of pocket.  Because finances should never be taken lightly we must budget our money rather than go into debt. 

How we spend our money is a funny thing.  We work hard to acquire nice things; a bigger house, new clothes, modern furniture.  Anytime one spends money and does not accumulate nice things on our list it seems as though we are getting further away from our goals. 

But consider this.  If you have enough money you can buy a new car, what you cannot buy is a new body.  You cannot buy the body you had when you were your younger, fitter self.  Perhaps as we age we wish our priorities would have been different. 

When retirement comes will your body be up for the adventures you have planned like picking up your grandchildren or traveling around the world.  What if years of neglect keep you from enjoying your plan for life? 

Spending money to rehabilitate an injury or disease is good value.  When you spend your money on therapy you are literally investing in yourself and your future.  This is not a hypothetical scenario.

 I treat patients who made oodles of money and spent it on acquiring items instead of on maintaining their health.  Those patients now require weekly treatments and spend a lot of money just to maintain their degenerative conditions and ease pain. 

Why would a patient pay out of pocket? It’s smart. A long term plan offers the best results, and “building on your achievements” is key to well-being.  Letting treatment slide can undo gains and make injury more likely. 

Occasional treatment can help muscle memory maintain its strength and length achieved through prior treatment.  Not completing a health plan may turn a temporary problem into a long term, sometimes life long struggle to achieve relief from pain.

I hope I have convinced you to invest in your health and future. Ageing can be a beautiful experience, especially ageing while being healthy and pain free.  Try acupuncture today. 

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Yours in Heath

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